OviTwin & CapriTwin

Milking Cluster OviTwin & CapriTwin

CapriTwin milking cluster for goats and OviTwin for sheep: gentle and efficient milking in systems with high-level lines.

The CapriTwin and OviTwin milking clusters from GEA are efficient solutions for milking goats and sheep in dairies with high-level lines. They boast a wide range of important advantages that will help you make milking more cost-effective and animal-friendly. Their ideal balance of gentle milking and efficiency both increases your success and dramatically simplifies your daily work.

CapriTwin and OviTwin: Milking clusters for goats and sheep with a wide range of benefits

Specially designed for systems with high-level lines

Transparent materials ensure full control over the milking process.

The clusters are easy to use, giving you high levels of operational safety and great milking results every time. Robust materials ensure that the products are durable and need fewer costly replacement parts

Their special design makes them easy to clean and gently transports the milk away, ensuring high levels of hygiene and milk quality.

Udder health improves due to gentle milking with low powered vacuums

You can choose between two products:

The CapriTwin milking cluster milks goats efficiently and gently

The OviTwin is ideal for milking sheep

Both milking clusters are designed to suit the special udder shape of these animals. The benefits of both varieties are identical: They milk your animals gently and quickly and ensure high milk quality. They are perfectly suited for systems with high-level lines. They can either be operated manually or in combination with a milking controller.

CapriTwin and OviTwin milking clusters: durable materials, transparent hoses and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning

The CapriTwin and OviTwin milking clusters for sheep and goats are made from durable materials that last a very long time. GEA uses silicone for its teat cup liners which adapts to suit the shape of the animals' udders, is resistant to acids and still fits perfectly on the udder after a number of years of use. The hoses are also made from high-quality silicone. The remaining components, such as the milking shells and claw, are made from impact-resistant, transparent plastic. You get a durable, long-lasting product that also provides excellent visual control over the milking process. You can instantly spot any problems that occur during milking. To ensure the equipment stays hygienic, the surfaces of the CapriTwin and OviTwin are smooth and easy to clean.

CapriTwin and OviTwin milking clusters: fast, gentle and efficient milking

The CapriTwin and OviTwin milking clusters are specially designed to ensure that milk flows away quickly, ensuring high milk quality. To do this, the milking cluster features an air inlet beneath the milking shell that ensures there is a constant stream of air towards the claw. You can easily switch off the vacuum at the milking shell when milking under manual control. The integrated electronics also allow you to control the equipment with a milking control unit such as the DemaTron or MetaTron. Automatic milking is also completely hassle-free with the CapriTwin and OviTwin milking clusters. And the milking process is always gentle on the animals due to its low vacuum strength.

Expand the CapriTwin and OviTwin milking clusters with further components from GEA

As a system provider, GEA can design a Total Solutions concept for your dairy. CapriTwin and OviTwin are easy to combine with other components from GEA. This modular system ensures that the solutions adapt to meet your requirements, and not the other way around.

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