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DairyRobot R9500

New milking robot enhances milking process

High-quality milk production and superior herd management are essential for a successful dairy operation. The new box-style robot from GEA, the DairyRobot R9500, is engineered to enhance the milking process and increase on-farm efficiency.

“The DairyRobot R9500 brings a new level of intelligence to robotic cow milking,” says Matt Daley, senior vice president of sales, milking and dairy farming for GEA North America. “This robot design efficiently welcomes cow after cow into the stall to maximize throughput and makes it easier for farmers to manage each cow through every step of her lactation.”

Real-time SCC monitoring

The groundbreaking DairyMilk M6850 sensor is the industry’s first SCC monitor that continuously analyzes milk flow from each individual quarter throughout the entire milking process. It collects reliable data in real-time, without chemical reagents, to help detect mastitis early. This early detection helps minimize treatment time and protect the health of the herd.

Comfort for cows and operators

The open-frame design of the R9500 welcomes cows of all sizes with ideal positioning to optimize attachments. Both entrance and exit doors are designed so cows can be milked quietly and comfortably without disturbance from the next cow in line. The feed trough has been engineered to optimize feed intake and increase ingredient options. A trough bowl cover slides up during cow exit to keep cows moving at the end of milking, allowing the next cow to enter as soon as possible. An unobstructed view of the udder provides easy access to safely care for cows during dry-off, treatment or to manually attach the unit for a special needs cow.

Proven milking technology

The new G5 time-of-flight camera on the R9500 provides precise teat detection for fast teat cup attachments. Then, every step in the milking process – stimulation, teat cleaning, forestripping, milk harvest and post-dipping – is performed in a single attachment with GEA’s proven in-liner everything™ technology. 

“With consistent milking routines, thorough hygiene processes, innovative mastitis detection, and a cow- and operator-friendly design, dairy producers have all the keys to excellent, high-quality milk production with the DairyRobot R9500,” says Daley. “Whether a herd is 50, 500 or 5,000 cows, the R9500 provides comfortable and efficient milking – while arming producers with intelligent tools and technology to manage their cows like never before.”