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The F4650 helps you to feed your young cattle regardless of where they are and whether you use milk or milk powder. This saves you both time and effort when rearing your animals.

Time is of the essence for agricultural businesses. It is particularly important to use your animals' full potential when rearing young cattle and feeding your calves. Which is why the systems provider GEA offers time-saving, automated products. One part of our system solution is calf feeding equipment. As a mobile feeder, the F4650 is a powerful, easy to customize feeding vehicle which saves you time and effort and supports you in feeding your calves.

An overview of the key benefits of the DairyFeed F4650:

  • Healthy calves: You can adjust the nutrition precisely for each individual animal
  • Reduced workload: Benefit from fast transport and quick feed deliveries
  • Transport the feeder effortlessly: Make your work easier with the drive unit
  • Practical: durable, compact design with intuitive user interface, wheel drive and integrated controls
  • Easy to clean: The horizontal tank has a special cleaning mode

The F4650 as a mobile feeder for your calves: intuitive controls and time-saving feeding processes

The F4650 is a tanker with a drive unit that helps you give your calves the optimum nutrition, regardless of where they are on your farm. This mobile feeder is particularly practical as you can use the feed of your choice. It works with both milk and milk powder mixes. The mobile feeder mixes the milk for your young animals completely independently. An interval function prevents it from creaming the milk. The mobile feeder also warms the feed to the perfect temperature for the calves, making it easier for them to digest. The fresh milk or milk replacement is portioned out at the point the calves attach to the feeder. The feeder features a precise filling system with a metering pump, making it easy to ensure each calf gets exactly the right amount of feed. The GEA F4650 is also designed to be incredibly durable.  The high quality finish combined with the low profile design makes F4650 extremely comfortable to drive, fast and convenient.

An overview of the most important data for the mobile calf feeder

You can see one example of the configuration options for the F4650 mobile feeder here:

  • Feed metering tanker with drive unit
  • Mixer and heating
  • Capacity: 200 litres
  • Mixing power: 0.37 kW
  • Heating power: 4.5 kW

It also features a control unit with a user interface and a tank seal for the mobile feeder.