GEA Milking Liner Overview

GEA offers many rubber and silicone liners to provide the greatest milking performance

As the interface between the animal and the milking machine, liners and hose must fulfill strict hygiene regulations. In order to withstand the high levels of mechanical stress and chemical exposure our liners and hoses are subjected to a comprehensive range of field tests and quality tests beginning during the initial development phases and continuing onward to the dairy farm.

Silicone Liners - outstanding material properties

Silicone's low intermolecular forces lend it excellent chain dynamics. This provides the material with very high elasticity and pliability, properties that are retained even after long-term usage. This ensures that the liners remain highly flexible and capable of adapting to the cow's highly sensitive teats

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Rubber Liners - For the greatest milking yields

The rubber liners are made of a special organic rubber and are available in single-part and multi-part versions (in combination with an inspection glass and a short milk hoses). 

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  • IQ Milking Cluster
  • Milking Cluster Classic 300