With the VCool vertical milk tank you are able to store even large quantities of milk in the smallest of spaces – carefully and safely, both indoors and outdoors.

For the storage of milk you need an adequate system. The milk has to be cooled and stored safely and carefully with the least possible work involved. This will allow you to achieve a high milk price when it is sold. The VCool silo tank is integrated into the GEA Total Solutions strategy and is modularly expandable through additional extras and components.

Cooling milk with the silo tank VCool from GEA: the product advantages at a glance

Space-saving storage in a small area

Available in sizes ranging from 15,000 to 35,000 litres

Sturdy and weatherproof stainless steel design for a long service life and storage outdoors

Careful storage of the milk thanks to an agitator and efficient cleaning system

Double-walled, hermetically sealed and completely welded container as protection against water ingress into the insulation

Different cooling units and extras are available

To meet your individual demands, the VCool milk tank can be ordered in different sizes. You can choose between six different variants with volumes from 15,000 to 35,000 litres. As such, the VCool is able to meet the demands of both small and large farms. We also offer you different cooling systems and extras, such as a device for taking samples.

Cooling milk with an efficient cooling system of your choice

As a system provider we can also offer you compatible cooling systems for careful milk storage. When it comes to cooling, you have also the choice between different solutions to ensure the highest efficiency for different volumes of milk. The cooling of the milk is significantly more energy efficient with the new scroll compressors, and you can save up to 13 % energy by using cooling units equipped with scroll compressors. The cooling system is automatically controlled. This is carried out via the ICool control unit, which also adapts the cooling system automatically if it detects a rise in temperature. The ICool controls and monitors your valuable milk and warns of any problems in the cold chain at an early stage. The ICool control system enables you to tailor the cooling, cleaning and agitation parameters to your precise requirements.

Cooling and storing of milk on an area of only 14 m².

The greatest strength of the VCool is its construction. As a silo tank it enables you to store larger quantities of milk on a concreted base of only 14 m². The tank itself has a diameter of only three meters – irrespective of the capacity. The construction as a silo tank provides another decisive advantage in that the vertical positioning helps to ensure that the tank is always completely emptied. This lowers the time and costs required for cleaning. The milk tank is made of stainless steel with a double-walled construction for a long service life.

Efficient and gentle cleaning systems for the VCool milk tank

The VCool milk tank is equipped with an intelligent cleaning system to ensure high quality in milk production. The core element is a large sprinkler with six water outlets which disperses the cleaning water throughout the whole tank. To ensure that no water penetrates and contaminates the milk during milk storage, it is fitted with a patented safety valve. A filling level meter prevents the release valve from closing during cleaning and also ascertains the optimum cleaning agent concentration. And with the ICool control unit, you can program the cleaning process to suit your needs and monitor it conveniently via WebGate. So you can reduce your workload and save valuable time. As usual, you can also expand the VCool using modular units. Our solutions grow with your needs.