INOX 100-400lt

Milk cooling tanks open type, cappacity 100 to 400 lt. TECHNICAL FEATURES COOLING TANK FOR MILK A1 100LT-400LT The tank is complete made by stainless steel: • AISI 304 stainless steel inner vessel 2B and outlet casting SATINE • Trapcold prime surface heat transfer evaporator for maximum thermal efficiency • Thick insulation made of environmentally-safe polyurethane foam (no CFCs) • DN 50 outlet with butterfly valve • Angled bottom ensures complete emptying • Millimetric level device with a gauging table • Adjustable feet for rapid leveling Refrigerating Plant • No freezing of milk, even at low filling • Maneurop compressor and condenser • Direct expansion • Coolant for all units R134 orR404,R22 • Compact shape makes installation easy • Performance per the Class BII ISO 5708 standard Electric Panel • Electric box IP55 • Programmed agitation with automatic stop at lid opening • Power cable with standard (male) plug • Electrical supply: single – phase 220 volt 50Hz or three phase 380 volt 50Hz compressors to internal overload protector


TypeVolumeMilkingsHPWeight /ΚGADHhh1
A1. 100100-12023/87071064012051025480
A1. 200200-21521/28892082012751065550
A1. 200200-21543/88892082012751065550
A1. 300300-34025/81141153101013301100525
A1. 300300-34041/21141153101013301100525
A1. 400400-43521 1/41501270113013301100525
A1. 400400-435411501270113013301100525