CowScout Heat Detection & Health Management

CowScout devices for neck or leg reliably inform you, around the clock, when your cows are ready for insemination.

Convenient alert functions ensure that you never miss an activity report.

Best premises for a successful fertility management!

  • Activity monitoring with wear-free accelerometer
  • Signal detection of up to 1,000 meters around the antenna
  • Continuous real time data transfer by UHF radio technology
  • Clear and detailed graphical displays of the cows' heat and lactation phases

Keeping feeding under control - CowScout Neck

CowScout Neck monitors your cows' eating times. The alert function tells you quickly if the cow is exhibiting feeding or health problems so that you can react quickly and appropriately. CowScout Neck is the ideal solution to help you to optimize both fertility management and feeding management for your herd. The right choice for long-term high performance!

  • Measures the amount of time the animals spend eating roughage and grazing
  • Produces alerts if this differs from the previous 10 days
  • Continuous real time data transfer by UHF radio technology

Active and vital – CowScout Leg

CowScout Leg shows you how mobile your animals are. If the cow's movements change, CowScout sends an alert. So it not only helps you to determine the ideal time for insemination, but also enables you to treat any health problems quickly and to optimize your husbandry conditions. Best premises for vital and long-living cows! 

  • Monitoring of times the cows are standing, lying or walking 
  • Measures how often the animal gets up
  • Measures how many steps the animal takes each day
  • Produces alerts if this differs from the previous 10 days
  • Data is transferred continuously, in real-time, via UHF radio technology

One CowScout for every occasion

  1. Various configurations for an optimal adjustment to operational requirements
    • Cow Scout S (Neck/Leg): For young stock or cows without connection to a herd management system
    • CowScout I (Neck/Leg): Additional transfer of the animal ID number. Ideal for use in combination with a herd management system
  2. DairyPlan Integration for the analysis of activity data for heat detection purposes
  3. Data available anytime and anywhere:
    • Internet connection gives you access to reproduction and activity data as well as eating times, wherever you are
    • Automatic alerts via e-mail to your smartphone, insemination technician or vet

CowScout at a glance

  • Constant heat monitoring and display of the optimal insemination time
  • Notification of reduced eating times to enable early detection e.g. of health problems
  • Displays time spent for lying, standing and walking to enable early detection of health problems or problems with the husbandry conditions
  • Reliable animal identification in the milking parlor, selection system and feeding box with proven and reliable ISO technology
  • Stand-alone system for flexible use independent of the ISO ID
  • Internet connection means that data can be accessed anytime and anywhere
  • Clear, easy to understand graphical displays of activities, eating times and lactation phases in the web portal

The benefits for you

  • Increased revenues and lower reproduction costs
  • Healthier cows that live longer
  • Saves time and simplifies work organization

  • DairyPlan C21
  • Hoof trimming box
  • GEA Milk Bucket
  • ​Cow Immobiliser