SR External

Rotary Parlour SR External for goats

The SR External offers an efficient and high through put solution for large herds. Designed especially for milking goats it offers a continuous milking process without disruptions.

The streamlined rotary milking parlour helps to increase throughput of your operation; from the stress-free animal handling, orderly traffic flow and easy monitoring, through to the highly efficient milking equipment that optimizes milking processes to ensure milking is fast and effective. Tailor the SR External with a range of highly efficient milking equipment options; providing you with the flexibility to build the best solution to meet your requirements.

The goats enter the parlour through the guided entry box with a pneumatic door; this ensures entrance to the stalls is in an orderly manner.

Each stall contains a stainless steel feed bin, which is automatically filled upon crossing into the bridge area. When the goat enters the stall and lowers her head to access the feed, a headlock system is activated, locking and holding the goat in place for the duration of milking.

Once milking is complete the headlock opens automatically before the exit. However, if the goat requires further milking or treatment, the operator can simply push a button on the control panel and the headlock will remain closed.

Key features and benefits:

  • Available in various sizes ranging from 32 – 120 stalls
  • The sectional construction of the platform offers a fast installation on site
  • A camera and monitor is supplied to allow operators to view the platform exit – extra cameras and monitors can be added. 
  • Simple to use operator control panel is located on the guided entry box
  • Goats enter the parlour in an orderly manner, ensuring a low stress environment
  • Automated feeding system that provides up to five rations with three feed types
  • Additional features include the Ego lifting floor for operator comfort