Rotary tiller with adjustable offset

Model W rotary tiller with side offset, together with the smaller model L,

 is the starting point of the historic MASCHIO rotary tillers range. It can be combined with tractors up to 40 HP,

 it adapts very well to gardening, horticulture and narrow row crops such as viticulture,

 thanks to working widths that range from a minimum of 1,05 to a max of 1,65 m.

Robust structure

The simple and robust structure of model W allows to operate in all types of soil. 

The professional equipment set-up is seen in details such as the single-speed gearbox that ensures reduction of rotor revolutions, 

equipped with an oil level meter directly from the filler cap. The final transmission is ensured by a chain system with oil bath 

lubrication, always in maximum safety thanks to the PTO that is standard fitted with the slip clutch standard PTO shaft. 

The working depth is adjusted according to the working needs by means of a side skids adjuster up to a max of 18 cm.

High versatility

The tiller can be manually moved laterally with respect to the three-point hitch, allowing model W to adapt to multiple uses, 

thanks to the set-up that can be quickly carried out by fixing the pin in the desired position.

W is equipped with 4 blades per flange. This geometry makes it suitable even in the presence of moist or partially clayey soils. 

In dry soil conditions, 2 additional blades can be mounted per flange, thus improving its refining capacity.

The rear bonnet is wider than the rotor to ensure ground levelling even in adjacent areas. This amplifies the perceived work width. 

Why choose W

The side offset of the tiller unit to the three point hitch makes the equipment extremely versatile and functional in various operating conditions.

Power required 15 - 40 HP
Working width1,05 - 1,65 m
Number of blades 20 - 32
Working depth 18 cm