Multi-speed fixed rotary tiller

VIRAT PRO maintains the compactness and versatility of lower models unchanged, in 

addition to the structural set-up of the higher class versions coupled with tractors 

up to 80 HP and the predisposition for 4 speeds.

Complete equipment

The superiority of VIRAT PRO comes from different aspects: 4-speed gearbox, slip clutch standard PTO shaft, 

6 propeller blades per flange and waterproof mechanical seals on the bearing support for a complete and 

reliable machine in every situation. The ease of use is emphasized by details such as the side skids with adjuster 

or the rear levelling bonnet which, thanks to the spring jack adjustment, allows to control the level of breaking of the soil.

Guaranteed reliability

Waterproof seals are present to preserve the transmission gears, consisting of two metal rings opposite each other and separated 

by a thin film of oil. This ensures total isolation of the rotor bearings from mud, water and dust, allowing to work even in extreme 

conditions such as rice fields. The bonnet plate press is equipped with a practical handle for field adjustment, without the need 

for additional equipment.

Why choose VIRAT PRO

VIRAT PRO is the ideal machine for those looking for a simple and functional but at the same time robust rotary tiller.

Power required40 - 80 HP
Working width1,25 - 2,05 m
Number of blades30 - 48
Working depth22 cm