Fixed rotary tiller with gearbox

Model B rotary tiller is characterised by a considerable variety of uses thanks to its wide choice of set-ups and accessories. Its structure means it can meet the requirements of small and medium-sized farms and achieve excellent results on even very difficult soils with considerable economy in the use of tractor power (up to 100 HP).

High performance

The extremely strong model B such as the frame with double sheet structure, the multi-speed gearbox, the slip clutch PTO shaft and the wear-resistant 12 mm hardened skids, allow it to withstand strong stresses due to coupling with tractors up to 100 HP. Equipment is available on request that can make the difference, such as the different types of rollers with mechanical or hydraulic connection kit, the front depth wheels or the tractor wheel track eradicator system, essential to reduce compaction, especially on narrow row crops.

Double flanges kit

For the most difficult soil conditions, it is possible to mount a double flanges kit upon request which increases the strength of the rotor and blades.


B SUPER has an oversized 560 mm diameter rotor, with high-strength steel blade-holder and skids for managing the 27 mm depth.  The greater working depth is also achieved thanks to the precaution of reducing the side depth. B SUPER is the only one on the market and in the entire MASCHIO cutter range to be equipped with hardened steel skids up to 5 times stronger than the classic ones.

Rear roller

As an alternative to the side skids, model B allows to choose from different models of rear rollers.  Thanks to the connection kit with mechanical adjusters, the rollers, of different types, are characterised by a larger width with respect to the rotary tiller, allowing precise levelling of the soil even on the machine.

Power required45 - 100 HP
Working width1,6 -2,35 cm
Number of blades36 - 54
Working depth25 - 27 cm