Mounted in-line seed drill

The result of GASPARDO's experience in the sector, S MARIA and SC MARIA are characterised by ease of use, reliability, strength and versatility, thanks to the possibility of being able to sow even on minimally tilled soils. Based on a mounted or trailed frame, the latter available on request, they are available with a working width from 2,5 to 4 m with a maximum of 28 rows, ideal for sowing cereals and rapeseed.

Power required70 - 120 HP
Working width2,5 - 4 m
Row spacing12,5 - 14,7 cm
Hopper seed capacity475 - 1.020 L

Compact but robust

S MARIA and SC MARIA models are characterised by being extremely compact seed drills thanks to the proximity to each other of all the main units such as the hopper, the distribution system and the furrowing elements. The HEAVY DUTY machine setting is emphasised by the high ground clearance of the frame and the arrangement of the coulters on three rows, which ensure sufficient spacing to avoid clogging of the soil and possible crop residue. To meet the different needs, the kit for trailed coupling to the tractor is available.

Mechanical transmission

The 3-cam continuously variable transmission in oil bath, with inspection window, ensures constant and uniform motion transmission. Thanks to this it is possible to vary the speed of the seed distributing groups in a fast and precise way. The use of ball bearings ensures greater wear resistance of the transmission shafts.

Multipurpose planter

SC MARIA version (seed - fertilizer) allows the distribution of seed and fertilizer, with a system whereby the two products are independently controlled but distributed in the same sowing furrow, reducing operating times and costs.

High customization

To meet the needs of all farmers, S MARIA and SC MARIA are available with 3 different coulters: with tine and spring for light and residue-free soils, with simple disc for any type of soil even in the presence of crop residues and finally with double disc, ideal for heavy soils. In the single disc and Corex double disc versions, the depth adjustment wheel is also available on request.

Why choose S-SC MARIA

S MARIA and SC MARIA are the ideal machines for small and medium-sized farms that require a sturdy, reliable and precise mechanical seed drill capable of working even on minimally tilled soils.

  • Amber 3000/3500