A product from J.N. Jorenku

The effective dry disinfecting product

Staldren ® is a Danish product which has been thoroughly tested by recognised international laboratories is as a hygiene product being used world wide.

Staldren ® is kind to the environment, and, moreover, has a well documented effect on the most common bacteria and fungi spores. (Please see our documentation)

Staldren ® is phosphate free and PH-neutral, which means that it does not dissolve/or loosen floorings or stalls, and even more important dose not dry out the animal’s thin skin, which can cause abrasions and cuts which can then open up for bacterial infection and disease. There is no need to use gloves while working with Staldren ® .

Staldren ® binds the ammonia to such an extent that, both humans and animals can work without the strong smell and breathing difficulties.

Staldren ® absorbs damp and moisture, and is therefore particularly useful in stalls with high humidity.

Staldren ® disinfects and cleans the stable environment, reduces the level of infection and, therefore, ensures healthier animals.

Staldren ® can be used for all domestic animals, and is an absolute necessity for professional animal farmers .

Staldren ® does not harm either humans or animals. Directions for use:

Staldren ® A handful is spread (50.100g) pr. m 2 , twice a week is sufficient to maintain a good and healthy climate in your production unit.

Under very moist conditions or in case of heavy infection, it is recommended that Staldren ® is sprinkled more often.

If you are in doubt or have any problems, please contact us. We mite be able to help you with experiences, that can help you.



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