DairyRobot R9500

Intelligently designed robotic milking systems for you and your cows.

The DairyRobot R9500 is engineered to enhance the milking process for the cow and help you focus on making the most of your time. Efficiently designed to welcome cow after cow and help you manage every step in their lactation, the DairyRobot R9500 brings a new level of intelligent milking to your farm.

Robotic milking with premium milk quality

Cows welcome the standardized, calm milking routine that takes place on every teat at every milking with GEA’s In-Liner Everything™ process. Teat stimulation, cleaning (or pre-dipping in applicable countries), drying, fore-stripping, milk harvest, and post-dipping all seamlessly occur inside the liner – in one single attachment. 

Additionally, milk flow from the beginning to the end of milk harvest - via each individual quarter - continuously passes through the DairyMilk M6850 cell count sensor for analysis and early detection of mastitis.  This revolutionary device is the first of its kind, using patented EPT technology, for real-time data that requires no chemical reagents. 

With consistent milking routines, thorough hygiene processes, innovative mastitis detection, and an optimal milk harvest, you have all the keys to excellent milk quality with the DairyRobot R9500!

User-friendly and efficient work environment

 With an unobstructed view of the cow and easy access to the udder, the operator can freely intervene in the milking process at any time with the DairyRobot R9500, when it comes to training new heifers, handling special needs cows, or drying cows off. The integrated mechanical milking arm shifts the milking cluster into an ideal position below the cow so each teat cup can be quickly attached in manual mode. 

In addition, the GEA DairyRobot R9500 incorporates highly innovative functions on a large touchscreen display. Real-time events can be monitored in easy-to-read graphs. You can also effortlessly switch the control panel to monitor all the key production parameters. With such sophisticated technology and convenient user-features, your management activities can be quickly completed as efficiently as possible.

A milking robot designed for productivity

The compact footprint of the DairyRobot R9500 can be seamlessly integrated into your preferred cow traffic style, whether you are building new or retrofitting an old barn.  The open module design has been further optimized to help increase throughput.

  • Spacious entrance and exit doors, along with the end frame have a new shape and are designed to lead each cow into an ideal positon for attachment.
  • The feed trough is now hydroformed, and has an optimized feed supply, with a cover that that moves up after milking to encourage cows to leave the box faster.
  • Then new G5 Time of Flight (TOF) camera promotes fast, reliable attachments.

Soon after installation cows quickly grow accustomed to the relaxed environment and cycle of feeding, resting and milking for the best in productivity.

Plus, with the DairyRobot R9500, up to three boxes can be connected to one Supply Unit.  This way they share one vacuum pump, compressor, milk and calf milk line, and tank connection – which means less equipment and reduced system complexity.