The AutoRotor Magnum 90 rotary milking parlor optimizes your milking processes, bringing together the highest levels of convenience and effectiveness.

The AutoRotor Magnum 90 rotary milking parlor is incredibly efficient. It is the ideal solution for the fast and gentle milking of large herds. Numerous well-designed details optimize your working processes – from entry to milking, right up to cleaning the system and the milking parlor components.

An overview of the AutoRotor Magnum 90 rotary milking parlor

  • Available in various sizes with space for 24 to 80 animals
  • Simple operation
  • High levels of comfort and optimized ergonomics for both animal and milker with innovative milking cluster positioning
  • Full control with seamless integration of intelligent milking control devices
  • Durable technology and materials that are easy to clean
  • Subway system for easy access to sensitive components

AutoRotor Magnum 90 rotary milking parlor: Convenience and efficiency for your colleagues

The AutoRotor Magnum 90 rotary milking parlor is incredibly convenient to use. You can milk large herds very quickly with minimum human intervention. You only need one hand to attach the milking cluster. This is possible due to the innovative PosiControl milking arm which lifts the milking cluster automatically and places it beneath the udder just in front of the milker. This means that the milker just needs a single hand movement to attach the teat cups to the teats. At the end of the milking process, the vacuum stops automatically and the milking arm moves the milking cluster quickly and smoothly to the outside.

Full control with easy to see, powerful milking control devices

The DeMax or DemaTron/MetaTron milking control devices give you maximum control over the milking process. They control the milking process directly and are easy to see at working height right next to the milking stalls in the rotary milking parlor. Your colleagues will always have the most important information, and the control panels, at their fingertips. These devices can be combined with DairyManagement21 herd management software from GEA to create a fully automatic system that enables you to control and manage the milking process easily. This close connection between different components is the great strength of GEA as a Total Solutions provider for the agricultural industry.

The AutoRotor Magnum 90 rotary milking parlor makes milking stress-free and comfortable

The cow also benefits from the intelligent design of the AutoRotor Magnum 90. The entire milking parlor is laid out to make milking and entering the system comfortable, safe and stress-free. GEA has developed rounded components and an open design to ensure that the animals have plenty of space in the milking stalls. Entering the milking parlor is also a calm and stress-free process due to the conical guide bars. The floor is coated with durable, non-slip concrete to prevent injuries and pain to the cows.

A sustainable investment: durable materials that are easy to clean

The AutoRotor Magnum 90 stands out from the crowd with its high-quality materials and innovative functions.

  • Surfaces that come into contact with water, waste water and dirt are made from stainless steel to make them durable and easy to clean.
  • Powerful hydraulic motors and rollers ensure smooth, quiet movement.
  • The milking stalls are slightly sloped so that they can be easily rinsed off and dirt can run into the groove provided. Waste water then flows away via this groove.
  • One special feature is the subway system: The sensitive components of the milking parlor are located beneath the milking stalls where they are protected from water and dirt, but are still easily accessible - even during the milking process.

The combination of high-quality materials, intelligent design and flexible expandability makes the AutoRotor Magnum 90 rotary milking parlor the perfect solution for producing milk with large herds.