Our AutoRotor Capri 90 rotary milking parlor combines optimum comfort for both animal and milker with increased productivity to help you achieve a higher throughput in your dairy.

A rotary milking parlor helps to increase throughput in your operation, giving you greater yields while still being gentle on your animals. No other milking parlor solution combines economical interests and stress-free animal handling as well as a rotary milking parlor. At GEA, we are consistently developing this solution and are proud to introduce you to the AutoRotor Capri 90, a rotary milking parlor especially designed for milking goats.

AutoRotor Capri 90 rotary milking parlor for goats: an overview of the benefits

  • Efficient milking
  • Stress-free operation and a calm, animal-friendly atmosphere
  • Ergonomic design with easy access to the animal
  • Available in sizes ranging from 24 to 72 milking stalls
  • Can be expanded modularly with all of GEA's milking parlor components

Calm, stress-free entry to the milking parlor and high throughput

Even entering the AutoRotor Capri 90 for milking is a gentle, calm process for the animals: An entry box and conical bars guide the goats one-by-one to their milking stalls. You can integrate an animal identification system if required.

  • Once the goat has entered the milking parlor, the box closes behind her automatically and the milking process can begin.
  • The guide bars ensure that only one goat can enter the rotary milking parlor at a time.
  • This means that the animals cannot overtake each other or get lost, and so reduces their stress levels.
  • The platform is made from a non-slip material, giving your goats a safe place to stand.
  • Animal traffic is very easy to control.

The benefits for your yield: You increase throughput and can milk even large herds quickly and effectively.

Ergonomic design gives you easy access to the animal

The special design of the AutoRotor Capri 90 makes it very efficient to use. GEA has ensured that all operating elements are mounted at working height. Attaching the milking clusters and operating the milking control devices is therefore very quick and easy to do by hand. Milking starts automatically without the milker having to push any buttons. The ergonomic design of the milking stalls in the rotary milking parlor also gives you easy access to the goats. If there are any problems during milking, you can intervene quickly. Cleaning the milking stalls is also very easy. The large, clear control unit can be used to regulate the speed of the AutoRotor Capri 90 rotary milking parlor, so you can adjust it to suit your working routine perfectly.

The AutoRotor Capri 90 rotary milking parlor adapts to your milking routine

To ensure that it integrates perfectly into your dairy, the AutoRotor Capri 90 can be used in both single rotation and multiple rotation modes. The speed is automatically regulated via the central control unit and therefore reduces your workload. The rotary milking parlor is available with 24 to 72 stalls, depending on the size of your herd. As part of the Total Solutions strategy, the AutoRotor Capri 90 is compatible with all of the other components available from GEA. For example, you can fit your rotary milking parlor with the standard or high end DeMax or MetaTron control technologies.

So you can always adjust your milking parlor to suit your growing herd.