J E130 / E150

The DairyFeed J E130 and E150 lamb feeders help to keep your lambs healthy and assist you in rearing them. Both products adapt to meet the individual needs of your agricultural business.

Nutrition is incredibly important when raising lambs. The animals will only grow quickly and healthily if they have high-quality feed, especially designed to meet their individual needs. So it's crucial to ensure that each lamb is well fed, even if lambing numbers are high. The solution: the GEA DairyFeed J E130 and E150 lamb feeders. These automatic lamb feeders work as part of our Total Solutions strategy to support you in this vital task.

Feeders for lambs: DairyFeed J E130 / E150 feeders help to keep your lambs healthy

Overview of the key benefits and features of the lamb feeders:

  • Feeders are less labour-intensive and provide a reliable and secure supply of feed
  • Easy for the lambs to use
  • You can adjust the amount of feed delivered by the feeders as needed
  • The lamb feeders feature central, intuitive and compact operation panels
  • High mixing power and reliable supply: Depending on the model, you can feed 180 or 240 lambs with a single machine.

Automated and efficient animal feeding with lamb feeders from GEA

Automated feeding enables you to measure the amount of feed delivered via the feeders precisely. You can configure it to meet the specific needs of the lambs and portion the feed out as necessary. The feeders also keep the feed at a consistently pleasant temperature for the lambs. This type of automatic animal feeding ensures an optimum supply of high-quality feed around the clock, whilst also saving you time and effort. Overview of the other features of the lamb feeders:

  • Easy to install and intuitive to operate
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Fresh and warm feed supplies at a temperature of your choice.

Everything revolves around the health of the lambs. This helps you to raise your animals easily and cost-effectively. For example: The teat position can be adjusted to suit the exact age and size of the lambs.

 The differences between the DairyFeed J E130 and J E150

To ensure that every farmer has the right feeders for his lambs, GEA offers two different solutions. Comparison of the two lamb feeders:

DairyFeed J E130 DairyFeed J E150
Maximum number of suction nozzles68
Heating power in kW2.8 5.0
Maximum number of lambs180240

Whichever version you choose: The feeder is tailored to meet the specific needs of these young animals. Both products provide less labour-intensive feeding and help the lambs to grow healthily.

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