J C400+, V600+, V640+

Automated support for rearing young cattle: With the DairyFeed J C400+, V600+ and V640+ calf feeders, you benefit from controlled, healthy calf growth – suitable for every herd size and every agricultural business.

The DairyFeed J C400+, V600+ and V640+ calf feeders are professionally designed to support calf rearing at your agricultural operation. The automated feeders are computerized, giving you targeted control over all relevant data and enabling you to optimize daily nutrition for your calves from the day they are born.

Calf feeders from GEA – an overview of the key benefits:

  • Using the calf feeders reduces your workload
  • Calves grow healthily
  • Suitable for any herd size: one to four drinking boxes with teats designed for calves
  • Variable portion sizes as either powder or all-milk blends
  • Quick and easy: Link the calf feeders using DairyPlan 21 software

DairyFeed J: calf feeders for ultimate all-round nutrition

The calf feeders provide individual drinking curves to ensure your calves get the nutrition they need. You can use the easy to operate manual terminal to program new values so that each calf gets the perfect feed for them. You have a clear view over everything in the feeding station: A transparent funnel makes it easy to see the fill level and you can adjust the portions in just a few moments. The feeders have an auto-calibration feature which checks and regulates the weights of the portions. How you benefit: The process is fully automated.

DairyFeed J calf feeders – the "+ version" of the automated feeder

With the + versions of the calf feeders, you get the quality you expect with even greater convenience. The automated feeders feature an updated and innovative user interface: More buttons, a larger, easier to read display and adjustable contrast and brightness really make this product stand out. Quick selection buttons are a final touch that make these calf feeders incredibly easy to use. The calf feeders recognize your animals quickly and reliably, and the feed is dispensed hygienically via the automated feeder, tailored to meet the needs of the calves. As well as the administration, the calf feeder also takes over preparing the feed.

Automated feeders from GEA: an overview of the different versions

GEA provides individual system solutions for all agricultural businesses. Each calf feeder offers different specifications and benefits. The C400+ automated feeder can be used as a fresh milk, milk powder or combined machine. It can hold up to 35 kg of powder and is designed for operations with a maximum of 50 animals. The V600+ can be used with either milk powder or as a combined machine, and the V640+ can be used for either fresh milk or a combination. Both feeders can hold up to 35 kg of powder, but can be expanded to 50 kg with a stainless steel bowl.

Further data for each calf feeder:




Liquid feed preparation

1.5 l/min

2.5 l/min

2.5 l/min

Portion sizes


250 to 500 ml

250 to 500 ml

Stainless steel milk pump




Raising farms with

Quattro module with 4 sucking stations (optional)

max. 50 calves with 2 sucking points

max. 60 calves with 2 sucking points

max. 120 animals with 4 sucking stations

max. 60 calves with 2 sucking points

max. 120 animals with 4 sucking stations

You can also fit your automated feeders with an automatic calibration scale or a fully automatic heat exchanger cleaning system with rinsing agent dispenser.

All calf feeders can be integrated seamlessly into the DairyPlan 21 herd management system.