Arrow NM 3200 D / NM 3200 SIDEFLOW

Excellent performing mounted mower conditioners


ELHO’s large mounted mower conditioners have all of the important ELHO-features built in! The centre-suspended cutting unit smoothly follows the surface of the field and the proven and durable cutter bar ensures a clean cut. The long conditioning chamber and the forged steel fingers of the conditioning rotor with an adjustable counter bar ensure optimal drying.                                                                                 

The HydroBalance suspension and centre-suspended cutting unit ensure top-quality forage and the HydroActive release device saves the machine if driving on an obstacle on the field.                                                                                             

The machines turn quickly on headlands: the tractor lift arms stay in their position while the cutting unit is lifted using the machine’s lifting cylinder. All ELHO’s mower conditioners and mowers feature the same smooth-cutting, safe and durable cutter

  • Arrow NM 3200 Front / Arrow NM 3700 Front
  • Arrow 3200 Front Roller
  • Arrow 3200 P Roller