Arrow NM 3200 Front / Arrow NM 3700 Front

Finally a front mower conditioner with all the benefits of a trailed mower conditioner!


This machine is powerful, has good handling, the HydroBalance suspension system and the Pendulum Centre System (PCS). The frame allows the cutter bar to follow the field surface freely and avoid obstacles. The front machines works like trailed, the mowing unit is pulled from one point directly above the cutter bar, have two pendulum rear supports and a lifting/HydroBalance cylinder – a mower conditioner cannot get any better than this!

An additional equipment, the HydroBalance top link, gives the machine extra freedom to move in a more controlled manner. The ELHO front mower conditioners can give more cutting power to existing trailed mowers and mounted mower conditioners. When combining an Arrow NM 3200 Front with an NM 9000 Delta, even large fields can be easily covered. An Arrow MN 3700 Front combined with an NM 10500 Delta is a highly efficient and easy to drive solution for large areas and heavy usage.

ELHO Arrow NM 3200 Front / Arrow NM 3700 Front:

  • Pendulum centre system (pcs) for the mowing unit, which allows the machine to move more freely 
  • Cutting unit is pulled from a point right above the front edge of the cutter bar
  • Upon collision, the cutting unit moves back and up (reducing the power of the impact by 50%)
  • Hydrobalance suspension
  • Flexible suspension between the cutting unit and the load-bearing frame
  • Conditioning rotor, round forged steel fingers, adjustable counter bar

NM 3200 Front, NM 3700 Front
  • Arrow 3200 Front Roller
  • Arrow 3200 P Roller
  • Arrow NM 3200 D / NM 3200 SIDEFLOW