Arrow 3200 P Roller

The Arrow 3200 P Roller are ELHO’s progressive, trailed roller mower conditioner which combine ELHO’s reliable basic solutions, excellent cutting properties and enjoyable operation.


ELHO’s polyurethane roller mower conditioner treat leafy and sensitive forage gently. The adjustable, spring-mounted and profiled polyurethane rollers do not break the plant stalks when the mass goes through the roller. The rollers only crack the stalks and leaves, this solution is a tried-and-tested way of providing the quickest drying.

The conditioning chamber also enables widespread without additional equipment. Oval low-profile discs with angled knives ensure a tidy and clean mowing trail.

These models have ELHO´s HydroBalance Suspension system as standard. This system lifts the cutter bar right above the cutting pont. Adjusting the HydroBalance suspension is very easy. The knob next to the pressure gauge is used to adjust the suspension as desired. The stubble height can easily be adjusted from the right side of the machine. An additional equipment feature, among others: the SideFlow 3 side conveyor.

ELHO’s roller mower conditioners are perfect for the leafy forage!


ELHO Arrow 3200 P Roller:

  • Cutting unit can be lifted high on headlands to prevent swath disturbance
  • Wide tyres
  • Quick turns on headlands; end cushioning of the boom cylinder
  • Widespread as standard
  • Easy to service


  • Arrow NM 3200 Front / Arrow NM 3700 Front
  • Arrow 3200 Front Roller
  • Arrow NM 3200 D / NM 3200 SIDEFLOW